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You were selective in choosing your bride-to-be, the same standards should apply when choosing her diamond engagement ring. It’s so much more than merely gold or platinum metals encasing a brilliant diamond. An engagement ring is a highly personable, exceptionally unique representation of your promise of forever. The ring gives tangibility to your eternal bond; the bond which fuses two separate individuals who have chosen to merge their lives and love as one.


You’re only going to propose to her once. Make sure every element of the ring is as perfect and lustrous as she is. Done right, it will serve as a quintessential reflection of her individual personality and take on the unique qualities of your love for one another and shared future together.


Still, there’s no need to let the potential pressure or variety of options overwhelm you. With the Sylvie Collection, you’re in the hands of a bridal fine jewelry expert whose unique pieces are created for a woman by a woman. Sylvie is an expert designer whose passion is designing engagement rings which are intricately crafted to make her swoon.

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